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Department of Agricultural and BioSystems Engineering Staff-womukabwe

 Department of Agricultural and BioSystems Engineering Staff

Mr. W.O. MUKABWE  -  Lecturer

BSc. Eng. (Makerere, Uganda), MSc. Eng. (TU Braunschweig, Germany), DTM (RAU, South Africa)

Research Interest

Farm Energy systems, farm Machinery, Appropriate Technology.


  • B. Msibi, W.O. Mukabwe, A. M. Manyatsi, N. Mhazo, and M. T. Masarirambi; Effects of liquid manure on growth and yield of spinach in a sub-tropical environment of Swaziland. Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 6; (2): 40-47, 2014.
  • Vilane, B.R.T and Mukabwe, W.O. (2000). The Utilization of Tractor Mounted Primary Tillage Implements in Swaziland. UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology. Vol. 4. (1) 34-43.