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Department of Agricultural Education and Extension Staff - madube

Prof. Musa M. A. Dube

Associate Professor  ( Agricultural Education and Extension)

Dip. Ag. Ed. (UBS), B.Sc. Ag. Ed. (W. Virginia), M.Sc Agric. Ext. (Michigan State), Ph.D (Iowa State)



Dr. Musa M. A. Dube holds a PhD in Agricultural Extension that was obtained in 1992 from Iowa State University, Iowa, United States of America. Dr Dube started his career in Community Development as Social Worker, an Agriculture Teacher, a technician Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Education and Extension at UNISWA, Faculty of Agriculture.

Office: U19, Upstairs

Contact Details:  

Tel: +268 2517000

Mobile: (+268) 76757016

E-mail: madube@uniswa.sz

Research Interests:

Technology transfer; Indigenous Knowledge & Leadership

Science, Technology and Innovation, Community Development


Selected Publications and Manuscripts:

Book Chapters:

-Mgidi M. D. Dlamini & M. M. A. Dube Swaziland’s experiences with developing a national policy for Sciences, Technology and Innovations. Implications for linking policy research with policy making. Chapter 18, pp.239-253. Nairobi, Kenya, 2014.

-Londiwe D. Hlophe & M. M. A. Dube Community perspective on the demand, availability and accessibility of energy resources. A case study of Sinceni on Deforestation, OSSREA, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2014.


-A.F. Tsikati & M. M. A. Dube Youth participation in Agriculture development in Swaziland, Swaziland National Agricultural Unionm 2014.

-A. A. Jibowo & M. M. A. Dube Agricultural Extension on Cassava Poduction in Swaziland, 2016. UNISWA Research Centre, UNISWA, Luyengo.

Conference Paper

 M. M. A. Dube, A.J. Farinde, M.P. Dlamini & A.F. Tsikati. Analysis of linkages, challenges and prospects of optimising farmers’ groups for commercializing agriculture in Swaziland. Eastern Cape, South Africa, June 2018.



Musa M. A. Dube & B. Masuku (2006). University students’ views regarding public knowledge of environmental education in Swaziland. UNISWA Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology, Vol. 9 (1), pp. 17-23.

A.A. Jibowo & Musa M. A. Dube (2008). Effectiveness of agricultural extension in Swaziland as perceived by Agricultural Extension Staff. UNISWA Journal of Agriculture, Science & Technology. Vol. 9, pp. 90-95.

A.M. Dlamini, Musa M. A. Dube & Noah Nkambule (2008). Stakeholder’s perceptions and application of biotechnology in agricultural industries in Swaziland. Scientific  research and Essay. Academic Journals Vol. 3 (10), pp.477-487.

M. D. Dlamini & Musa M. A. Dube (2010). Current state of science, technology and innovation in Swaziland. UNISWA Journal of Agriculture, Science & Technology. Vol. 12 (2), pp.110-118.

Musa M. A. Dube & P. J. Musi A. situation analysis of Indigenous Knowledge in Swaziland. Implication for sustainable agricultural development. Final Report for ATPS Network, Nairobi Kenya, 2002.

Musa M. A. Dube. Capacity building on open & distance learning: Four sector study Swaziland. June 21, 2010.

Musa M. A. Dube Farmers preparedness to respond to climate change in water  and use practices: Lessons from Swaziland. October 2010.

Courses Taught:

  • Educational Research Methods

  • Environmental Education

  • Agricultural Knowledge Systems

  • Youths & Adult Lifelong Education

  • Programme Planning and Evaluation

  • Innovation Technology Adoption

  • Innovation Development and Application

  • Community and Rural Development

  • Extension Teaching Methods


Students’ Research Supervision:

Undergraduates                     : 112

Master of Science                  : 15

PhD                                         : 01