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Department of Consumer Sciences

Department of Consumer Sciences

Dr. P.J. Musi   H.O.D

The Department assumed its new name of Consumer Sciences in 2009 from Home Economics based on the diverse programmes introduced from 2006, in order to prepare human resources for the local and international labour market. The current nomenclature is aligned with the re-orientation of the discipline, where the focus in the market is that of consumer. Consumer Sciences, as the new name, has accorded the discipline a true reflection of the capabilities of our graduates, who get employment in quality assurance departments in foods and clothing industries, NGOs and the public sector. Employment is also available in the Swaziland Standards Authority, which is the custodian of quality policies, accreditation protocols and advocates for consumer protection.

The Department trains students to be responsible citizens and leaders in society and for self employment in order to strengthen the well being of individuals, families and societies.

The Department has four sections namely: the Consumer Science Education, Food Science Nutrition and Technology, Family Resources and Human Development and the Textiles, Apparel Design and Management and offer the following B.Sc. programmes:

  • Consumer Science (COS);
  • Consumer Science Education (COSE);
  • Food Science, Nutrition and Technology (FSNT); and
  • Textiles, Apparel Design and Management (TADM).

Existing facilities include the following laboratories:

  • Food preparation;
  • Analytical;
  • Sensory evaluation;
  • Food service management;
  • Food processing;
  • Apparel designing;
  • Garment manufacturing;
  • Computer aided design;
  • Textile printing or Wet processing for textiles.