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Department of Consumer Sciences Staff - Dr. B.Mantyi- Ncube

Department of Consumer Sciences Staff

Dr. B. Mantyi-Ncube - Lecturer

Dip. Home Econ. Educ. [Zimbabwe]; B. Sc. Home Econ. (Major – Cloth. & Text.) [Messiah College]; M.Sc. Home Econ. (Major – Cloth.  & Text.) [ Kansas State Univ.];Ph. D. Home Econ. Educ. [Kansas State Univ.].

Research interest

  • Textile and fashion consumer behaviour.
  • Apparel design and manufacturing.
  • Curriculum relevance (effective teaching/learning).
  • Assessment in clothing and textiles.

Recent Publications

  • Mantyi-Ncube, B. and Langwenya, W. (2014). University female students’ perceptions on factors influencing their dress code.  International J. of Current Research. Vol. 6, Issue, 07, pp. 7335-7342.
  • Mantyi-Ncube, B. and Langwenya, W. (2014). Influential factors of residential area on tertiary female students’ dress code. International J. of Development Research. Vol. 4, Issue 7, pp. 1348-1353.
  • Mantyi-Ncube, B. (2012). Implementation of HIGCSE Curriculum in Swaziland:  A Review of Selected Implications on School Assessment Reforms. Chapter 3 in: Education Reforms in the SADC Region: Challenges and responses in the 21st Century, (Eds) Okeke, C.I.O. and Mndebele, C.B.S. Scientific & Academic Publishing ISBN 978-1-938681-03-5. pp. 41-79
  • Mantyi-Ncube, B. and Hlophe, N. (2011). Teaching testing higher cognitive skills: A case of selected High Schools in Swaziland. J. of Agric. & Soc. Sci. Vol. 7 No. 2/4 pp. 63-68.
  • Mantyi-Ncube, B. and Hlophe, N. (2012) Analysis of measuring tools in teaching and testing Home Economics in Mbabane High Schools. J. of Voc. Educ. and Training. Vol.20 Number 1 pp. 7-18.
  • Mantyi-Ncube, B., Ndlovu, T.P., Moyo, N.S., and Sibanda, W. (2012). The Examination System and its ability to provide reliable information on the quality of education: A Review, Uniswa Journal of Agriculture. Vol. 16 pp. 55-72.
  • Mantyi-Ncube, B. and Dlamini, N. (2014). The impact of entrepreneurship education and training on entrepreneurial intentions of Consumer Sciences’ graduates of UNISWA. Inter. J. of C. Res. Vol. 6, Issue, 04, pp. 6021-6027.
  • Mantyi-Ncube, B. and Dlamini, N. (2014). Entrepreneurship education training challenges for Consumer Sciences’ graduates in starting businesses, UNISWA. Inter. J. of Dev. Res. Vol. 4, Issue 4, pp. 868-874. 


Email: manty@ uniswa.sz