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Department of Consumer Sciences Staff - Prof. PE Zwane

Department of Consumer Sciences Staff

Prof. P.E. Zwane - Associate Professor/Dean

Dip. Home Econ. (UBS); B.Sc. Dietetics MSU; M.Sc. Cloth.Text.& Merch. (Okl. State Univ.); Ph.D. Text. & Cons. Sciences (FSU).

Research interest

Sizing and fit from an African perspective; ideal figure in Africa; technical textiles; quality and product development from indigenous materials.

Recent Publications

  • Zwane, P.E., M.Sithole and L.Hunter (2010).  A preliminary comparative analysis of 3 D body scanner, manually taken girth body measurements and size chart measurements.   International Journal of Consumer Studies 34(3):265-271
  • Zwane, P.E., (2010). Product development, reusable diaper. AUTEX Research Journal 10(1):31-34
  • Zwane, P.E., A.M. Dlamini and H. Nkambule (2010). Antimicrobial properties of sisal (Agave sisalana) used as an ingredient in petroleum jelly production in Swaziland.  Current Research Journal of Biological Sciences 2(6):370-374
  • Njagi, R.K. and P.E. Zwane (2011). Variation in measurements across different brands of same style ladies’ pants in Swaziland. Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and education 4(1):265-272
  • Zwane, P.E., M.T. Masarirambi, N.T.  Magagula, A.M. Dlamini and E. Bhebhe (2011). Exploitation of Agave Americana L plant for food security. American Journal of Food and Nutrition 1 (2):82-88
  • Zwane, P. E.,  M. T. Masarirambi,  T. Seyoum and B.S. Nkosi (2011).  Natural fibre plant resources of economic value found in wetlands of Swaziland: A review.  African Journal of Agricultural Research 6(4):774-779
  • Zwane,P.E., S.E. Chapple and  M.T. Masarirambi (2011). Exploration of nano-finished non-wovens for potential use in protective clothing for agricultural workers in South Africa. Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Science 3(3): 297-306
  • Mkhonta, T.T., P.E. Zwane, M.T. Masarirambi and J.M. Thwala (2014). Post-harvest handling, processing and marketing of sisal fibres and crafts in the Shiselweni district of Swaziland. Current Research Journal of Social Sciences.  6 (2): 39-47
  • Vilane, V.S.,  P.E. Zwane, M.T. Masarirambi and J.M. Thwala (2014). Post-harvest handling, storage and processing  of sisal fibres  in the Hhohho  district of Swaziland . Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences. 6 (3): 127-133


Email: pezwane@uniswa.sz