Department of Adult Education

Department of Adult Education



The mission of the Department of Adult Education is to assume leadership in providing professional training in adult and continuing education, and help increase the effectiveness of institutions, organizations and community based groups which serve the adult population of Swaziland and beyond.


1. To promote the study and teaching of adult and continuing education, and train the growing number of educators required in the various sectors of the economy.

2. To conduct adult and continuing education programmes on and off campus, making optimum use of University resources with consideration of, and in conjunction with other adult education providing agencies.

3. To audit the needs and interests of local communities in adult and continuing education and experiment with various kinds of educational activities to meet these needs.

4. To develop Swaziland's reservoir of trained and skilled middle level human resources.

5. To contribute toward institutional capacity building of other adult and continuing education bodies in meeting the needs of the community.

6. To carry out research in adult and continuing education and disseminate findings to local, regional and international communities.

7. To promote the use of instructional technology and applications of appropriate technology in adult and continuing education programes