Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

The programme is offered by the Faculty of Education. This is a four year full time programme, offered at the Kwaluseni Campus.

The Degree structure shall consist of the Education major and a minimum of one teaching subject. To qualify for the Degree, a student unless granted exemption under regulation 341.13, must attend approved courses of instruction during not less than four academic years and pass the Degree examinations. The curriculum of the degree shall take the form of a double major and shall normally consist of two years study for Part I and a further two years for Part II.  Courses qualifying for Part II majors of the Degree will normally be studied in sequence within a given subject. Students may, however, take a course or half-course in Part II which is specified for Part I subjects

Students shall be required to take the following programme for their Degree

          Part I   Year 1:     Education, Academic Communication Skills and two                                        teaching subjects                        

                      Year 2:    Education and two teaching subjects

         Part II   Year 3:     Education and one teaching subject

                      Year 4:    Education and one teaching subject