Faculty of Health Sciences

Mission Statement

The mission of the Faculty of Health Sciences embraces the triad of University functions- teaching, research and community service. It focuses on training healthcare providers who are capable of functioning in a variety of clinical settings, particularly in relation to health promotion illness, injury and disability prevention, causes and treatment, of disease and health restoration. It embraces the philosophy of providing quality healthcare that is appropriate, affordable and culture sensitive. 

Prof. N.A. Sukati


  1. To serve as a centre of formal study in the nursing sciences; environmental health sciences; dental therapy; and any other programme that may, from time to time, be deemed necessary.
  2. To create, preserve, transmit and increase skills and knowledge in the area of health and associated disciplines through practice, education, research and administration.
  3. To establish and maintain links with national and international institutions, bodies, agencies and individuals, both academic and professional, in the interest of promoting development in health and related areas of knowledge.
  4. To provide a consultative and coordinating machinery on health related issues for individuals families, communities, industries and other sectors.

Departments and Subject Offerings

The Faculty of Health Sciences has the following academic departments:

The Faculty currently offers only undergraduate programmes.

Undergraduate Programmes

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Contacting the Faculty

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Faculty of Health Sciences
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