Diploma in Journalism and Mass communication


The programme is offered by the Faculty of Humanities, at the Kwaluseni Campus. The normal duration of the course will be four years. Besides the courses in Journalism and Mass Communication that the students are required to take over the four years, they will also be required to choose a minor by taking courses in a subject area. Economics, Law and Sociology are deemed to be subject areas of particular relevance to the needs of the Swazi mass media. However, students may choose a minor in any department of the University, but only with prior approval of both the department concerned and the Communication Studies Section.



JMC 104               History of the Media in Swaziland

JMC105                Introduction to Mass Communication

JMC 132               Fundamentals of Journalism

JMC 134               Writing for the Mass Media


JMC218                Fundamentals of Economics for Journalists

JMC221                News Writing

JMC223                Introduction to Broadcasting

JMC231                Mass Communication Theory

JMC238                Introduction to Advertising and Public Relations

JMC240                Introduction to Development Communication

JMC242                News Reporting

JMC244                Media and Human Rights

JMC246                Mass Media and Society


JMC347                Introduction to Mass Communication Research

JMC348                Data Analysis and Report Writing for Mass Communication Research

JMC349                Online Journalism

JMC350                Media Law and Ethics

JMC351                Mass Media Entrepreneurship

JMC360                Investigative Reporting and Precision Journalism

Plus a choice of two courses per semester in the following areas of specialisation:

Advertising and Public Relations

JMC 327               Writing for Public Relations

JMC335                Copywriting

JMC338                Media Relations

JMC354                Advertising Layout and Production


JMC313                Reporting for Radio

JMC325                Reporting for Television

JMC340                Radio Production

JMC358                Television Production


Print Journalism

JMC331                Reporting and the Reported

JMC333                Reporting for Print Publications

JMC342                Journalism in the Community

JMC352                Feature Writing


JMC421                Internship

JMC423                New Media

JMC428                Mass Media Management

JMC430                Data Journalism

JMC432                Gender and the Media

JMC499                Research Project


Plus a choice of two courses per semester in the following areas of specialisation:

Advertising and Public Relations

JMC407                Advertising Campaigns and Cases

JMC414                Public Relations Campaigns and Cases

JMC417                Advertising Research

JMC426                Community Relations


JMC409                Drama Production for Radio and Television

JMC415                Community Broadcasting

JMC416                Station Operations

JMC424                Documentary Production for Radio and Television


Print Journalism

JMC411                Journalism and Advocacy

JMC418                Magazine Editing and Production

JMC419                Sub-Editing and Page Design

JMC422                Newspaper Editing and Production