Institute of Post-Graduate Studies

Institute of Post-Graduate Studies


The Faculty of Post Graduate Studies is determined to strive for, and maintain, academic excellence and development through teaching, research and community service in all the disciplines offered at the post-graduate level, and retain its relevance in responding to human resource development needs of the Kingdom, the region and the international community. Emphasis is placed on theoretical knowledge and its application in the real world, as enriched by systematic enquiry. 


  1. To provide quality teaching and learning opportunities at post-graduate level.
  2. Establish UNISWA Industrial Research and Development Center (IRDC) in collaboration/partnership with business and industry for the conduct of research in priority areas for economic development.
  3. To establish a structure of post-graduate studies that will enhance the achievement of  academic excellence.
  4. To stimulate student and staff involvement in quality research (both basic and applied), the results of which could be utilized in teaching and for stakeholder use.
  5. To introduce effective teaching methods based on active student participation, team work and self-directed learning.
  6. To initiate regular curriculum development and review in response to changing needs and evolving demands.
  7. To provide programmes that cater for local, regional and international appeal.
  8. To provide accommodation and facilities that benefit the needs of post-graduate students in achieving academic excellence.
  9. To create for both post-graduate staff and students an ambience that will encourage achievement of academic excellence.
  10. To foster effective communication between the Faculty of Post-Graduate Studies and Departments that offer post-graduate programmes.
  11. To establish and encourage links nationally, regionally and internationally in order to enhance cooperation in teaching, research and community service.
  12. Establish PhD programmes in departments with adequate academic strength and experience in post-graduate training.

Programmmes offered by the Institute