Master of Education in Education Foundations and Management

Master of Education in Education Foundations and Management

The programme is offered by the Department of Educational Foundations and Management, under the Faculty of Post Graduate Studies, at the Kwaluseni Campus.

The Master of Education degree in  Educational Foundations and Management shall be by course work and thesis. The course work shall consist of

          (a) One compulsory course

               EDF601         Resource Design and Techniques AND

               EDF102         Introduction to Computing for Education

          (b) Two courses from the Area of Specialization

          (c) One course from electives

In addition to the compulsory course, two courses from an area of specialization;

History and Philosophy of Education            Psychology of Education

Sociology of Education                                  Guidance and Counseling

Educational Administration

and one additional course from the listing of electives;

Curriculum Theory and Development            Theory and Practice of Teaching

Learning and Learning Theories                    Foundations of Educational                                                                          Administration

Measurement, Testing and Evaluation           Development Psychology

Guidance and Counseling                                Comparative Education

Philosophy of Education , shall be selected.

All full courses shall consist of four lecture hours per week for one year for full time students, while half courses shall consist of two lectures per week for one year for part time students. The course work requirements and the thesis must be completed in accordance with the General Regulations.

The normal duration of the Master of Education in Educational Foundations and Management will be two years of full time or three years of part time study.