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University Senate

University Senate

Vice-Chancellor Prof. J. M. Thwala  
Pro Vice-Chancellor    
Deans of Faculties Prof. M.B. Masuku Agriculture
Deans of Faculties   Consumer Sciences
  Dr. N. Mndebele Commerce
  Prof. O.I. Oloyede Education
  Prof. P.S. Dlamini Health Sciences
  Prof. H. Ndlovu Humanities
  Prof. S. Motsa Science
  Dr. E.N. Zwane Social Science
Representatives of Faculties Prof. A.M. Manyatsi Agriculture
  Prof. M.A. Dube Agriculture
  Dr. T.E. Sibiya Consumer Sciences
  Prof. A.S. Jackson Commerce
  Mr. B.S. Gule Commerce
  Prof. C.I.O. Okeke Education
  Dr. V.L. Kelly Education
  Prof. T.R. Mathunjwa-Dlamini Health Sciences
  Dr. F.S. Shabalala Health Sciences
  Prof. C. Harford Humanities
  Dr. S.M. Nyawo Humanities
  Prof. H. Beckedahl Science and Engineering
  Dr. S.K. Mkhonta Science and Engineering
  Mr. S. Gama Social Science
Librarian Dr. Z. G. Ngcobo  
Student Representatives Three elected annually  

Registrar/ Secretary

Dr. S.S. Simelane

Powers and Duties of the Senate
  • make Regulations regarding the eligibility of persons for admission to courses for a degree, diploma, certificate or other award of the University, for their continuance in such course and for the obtaining of any degree, diploma, certificate or other award of the University;
  • make Regulations for the standard of proficiency to be attained in each examination for a degree, diploma, or certificate of the University;
  • decide which persons have reached the standard of proficiency referred to above or are otherwise fit for the award of a degree, diploma, certificate or other award of the University;
  • facilitate liaison and consultation with other Universities with a view to the better discharge of its duties;
  • determine academic dress in respect of the University;
  • initiate proposals and make representations to the Council relating to the administration of the University;
  • appoint such Boards, Standing Committees and ad hoc Committees as may be necessary for the better discharge of its duties;
  • prepare estimates of expenditure for carrying out the academic functions of the University, submit them to the Council for consideration and approval and allocate the annual grants which the Council may authorise for research and for facilitating study leave for members of the academic staff;
  • appoint internal and external examiners;
  • prescribe subject to any conditions stipulated by the founders or donors thereof which are accepted by the Council, the times, mode and conditions of competition for fellowships, scholarships, studentship, exhibitions and other prizes and award the same;
  • report to the Council on all Statutes or proposed changes thereto;
  • report to the Council on any matter referred to it by the Council;
  • make and assist the Vice Chancellor in enforcing Regulations for the discipline of the students;
  • suspend or dismiss any student for good cause subject to the right of appeal to the Council;
  • exercise all such powers as are or may be conferred on the Senate by the Act, the Statutes and Regulations and do such other acts as the Council may authorise;
  • elect three members of the Senate to be members of the Council;
  • recommend the constitution of the Students Representative Council to the Council for its approval.