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Student Welfare

Student Welfare


Excellence in the provision of administrative leadership and counselling services to students at the University; and the promotion of educational and administrative support to all structures of the University.


To provide leadership, social, extracurricular and academic counselling programmes to all students. The Department of Student Affairs also seeks to challenge students to become responsible and productive citizens of society and to support the University’s educational and administrative goals.


The objectives of the Student Affairs Department are to:

  • Facilitate harmonious student interaction with peers and the entire University community;
  • Provide counselling services to students with academic and social problems;
  • Raise awareness on all health issues;
  • Facilitate the active involvement of students in all activities organised by the Students Representative Council (SRC), clubs and societies;
  • Raise students’ awareness and critical understanding of relevant University regulations;
  • Support student participation and contribution in national socio-economic and political issues.