Academic Development Centre

Academic Development Centre


Leadership through excellence in teaching and learning.


To promote quality assurance and excellence in teaching and student learning at UNISWA.


The objectives of ADC are to:

  • Organise in-service activities on basic teaching skills for academic staff.
  • Assist staff in the development of teaching and learning materials.
  • Develop staff skills in assessment and evaluation of students.
  • Provide guidance on methods of evaluation for academic staff.
  • Administer students’ assessment of staff performance and give feedback to staff.
  • Organise in-service activities for the administrative staff of the University.
  • Organise management training for deans, heads of department, tutors and assistant tutors.


Information, Communications & Computer Technology
   Computer technology literacy skills
   Electronic/Online teaching & learning
   Web-based/Distance education
   Communications technology

Integrated Technology & Research DevelopmentComputer Assisted Instruction
   Integrated course design
   Integrated curriculum development / review
   Module Development
   Student guidance and projects supervision
   Integrating teaching and research
   Research design skills
   Instructional support resources (Website, library, etc)

Quality Control & Performance EvaluationStudent assessment
   Staff review / evaluation (teaching, research)
   Graduate follow-up studies
   Examinations: (externalization, moderation of affiliated colleges)
   Postgraduate teaching strategies and supervision
   Computation of teaching load

Institutional & Business-Industry LinksLinks and collaborations (teaching, students projects supervision, joint research projects)
   Staff exchange
   Business - industry links
   Internships/workbased learning
   Board of Affiliated Institutions
   Outreach to NGOs, communities, parastatals, etc

Affirmative Action & Gender EquityGood governance
   Gender issues in programmes/academic management
   Learners / Instructors with disabilities
   Sexual harassment: students and staff
   HIV/AIDS and tertiary institutions
   Managing of industrial relations issues

Institutional Development & Leadership
   Managerial / Leadership skills for Department Heads, Tutors, Deans / Directors, Registry, Library, Bursary, Physical Plant / Maintenance, Refectory in:Higher education governance
   Strategic planning and management
   Staff recruitment and induction
   Supervisory skills and managing discipline
   Budgeting and budgetary issues
   Staff motivation and promotion
   Staff development and training
   Consultancy and project management