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Report on Donation to Selulasanda Orphanage

As resolved in the Executive Committee meeting of the 22nd August 2012, ten (10) blankets were bought and a request for donation in form of clothing and foodstuff was made to the entire USSA membership.  Members responded very well to the request and brought forward, mostly clothing for donation to the orphanage.

On the 13th September 2012, a delegation that included Mr Mluleki Dlamini, Ms Ntfombie Dube, Mr Mduduzi Ngubeni, Mr Bongani Sibanyoni, Mr Lucky Dlamini and Mr. Thembinkosi Nsingwane visited the orphanage with a view of extending the donation.  Members were warmly welcome by the overseer of the orphanage and they narrated the intention of the visit.  The overseer was very grateful of the kind gesture extended by the Association and pointed out that they are really in need of such help, thus, when it comes they appreciate it so much since the children are growing up and need clothing. She pointed out that just recently the children were requesting for shoes.

The Executive forwarded the donation to the orphanage and the children sang beautifully for the Executive.  One of them passed a vote of thanks on behalf of the orphanage.  The Executive Committee then evaluated the stove and the geyser for possibilities of getting them fixed.  They also surveyed the garden and realized that there is a small portion that is not planted.

Report by:
Ntfombie Dube
USSA General Secretary