Wireless Setup

Select Your Device and Operating System

Wifi is available to staff and registered students of University in certain areas of the three campuses of the University. This area of coverage will be expanded in future as resources become available. In order to enable you wireless device to access the wifi network, it needs to be configured for access, and there are three (3) steps to be followed.

1.  Configure your device to connect to the uniswawifi-students SSID.

2.  Register your device to use the University Wireless network.

3.  Configure your device’s web browser to use the University’s proxy server for Internet access.

These steps must be followed in the order indicated. Once done, you will be able to have access to the network, and the Internet. Students should note that there is a monthly limit of 4 GB (4096 MB) for Internet access, and once this limit has been exceeded, the user will no longer have Internet access from their device, until the start of the following month.

To get started, select your divice operating system and follow the three (3) easy steps: