Consultancy and Training Centre

Consultancy and Training Centre

The Consultancy and Training Centre is poised to fulfil the needs for consultancy, training and development of:

   government ministries
   private sector
   parastal organizations

and contribute to the development of Swaziland.

CTC represents a range of diverse disciplines including:

Public and Private Sector
   Public Sector Management and Macro Economic Reform
   Private Sector Efficiency – Business Support, Investment Promotion, Private Sector Skills.
   Labour Markets and International Trade
   Financial Sector Reform – Banking, Micro-finance, Accountancy, Risk Analysis

   Education Issues and Training Life-long/Open Education Distance Learning.

   Urbanisation, Infrastructure and Services

   Sexual and Reproductive Health Communicable Diseases Health Sector Reform / Health Care Management

Social Issues
   Human Rights
   Livelihood Security
   Violence, Crime and Justice, Conflict Prevention and Conflict Handling
   Sustainable Livelihoods, Disaster Early Warning, Prevention and Monitoring, Information Technology

Natural Resources
   Crops and Livestock
   Natural Ecosystem
   Aquatic Resources
   Land and Natural Resources Tenure
   Water, Sanitation and Brown Environment
   Mining and Geology

UNISWA has over 300 qualified staff members trained up to Doctorate and Masters level with experience in training, research and consultancy projects for companies, national, regional and international organizations.

   Based on available expertise CTC offers:contract research
   client-driven consultancy and training
   professional short courses
   training needs assessments for clients
   formulation of human development plans
   client-driven workshops and seminars
   feasibility studies
   develop and publish training materials
   customer tailored courses for entrepreneurship and self employment
   economic and social surveys
   information and communication technology